Health on the Hilltop

If you’re looking for ways to stay healthy while away at college, look no further! Here you’ll find advice on food and fitness to keep you in shape while in school from where and what to eat to ways you can workout in your own room. Check out the document below to see demonstrations of the workouts.

I hope this document helped you know more about how to stay healthy while at school. According to Fox, those who want to get in shape without going to the gym are in luck because exercises like push-ups, pull-ups and squats use your own body weight to get in shape.



10 Ways to Ace Your Finals!

With finals week coming up, I felt it was necessary to include a post about how to do your best on your finals! For most students, this is the most stressful week out of the semester for them.

1.  Get plenty of sleep! All-nighters hurt you more than help you.  If you feel that when you’re ready for bed you haven’t studied enough, plan on waking up a little earlier to look over more notes.

2. Eat breakfast. After you wake up, eat a bowl of cereal, oatmeal or a banana so you can focus on your exam rather than your growling stomach.

3. Plan study time.  Don’t wait until the night before to start looking over your notes.  I would suggest to study at least two nights minimum for each exam.

4. Make study guides.  I highly recommend using StudyBlue as an aid.  You can create flashcards and quiz yourself until you get them all right.

5. Take study breaks.  It’s okay to reward yourself every hour of studying with a five to 10 minute break.  But only one break per hour!

6. Study in groups.  Make sure you know the people you study with care about their grades as much as you do so that they don’t distract you.

7. Listen to music.  Listening to Mozart while studying has been proven to help the brain retain information better.

8. Change it up.  Study in different spots like the library, or a coffee shop.  Don’t study in a room you know you’ll easily get distracted in.

9. Answer what you know. Once you get the exam, look over the questions and answer the ones you know the best first.

10. Do your best! Doing your best is all that you can do.  If you’ve done your best you can do to prepare for the final and  taking the final then there’s nothing you can be ashamed of!

I hope these tips have helped you for studying for your exam.  One tip I forgot to add while studying is drink coffee…lots and lots of coffee.  It always works for me! Good luck on your finals!

How to Maintain Emotional Health

In my previous posts I talked all about how to maintain physical health by using different diet techniques, changing lifestyle habits and new ways to stay in shape among many other suggestions.  One aspect of health that I have not touched on yet is emotional health, which is a level of psychological well-being.   Emotional health is the first step a person must take in order to be healthy before they can start working on other parts of health in their life.  It is important to have good emotional health because it affects all parts of a person’s life.  It affects how one performs on tasks and even how one acts around other people.

Some factors that cause poor emotional health are being laid off from a job, dealing with the death of a loved one, money problems and moving just to name a few.  These stresses can cause a person to not only feel mental pain, but also physical pain.  Backaches, chest pains and insomnia are some of the symptoms to show poor emotional health.

According to NIMH, one in four adults suffer from a mental health disorder a year.  The beginning step to solving this problem is to express emotions in assertive ways.  Bottling up emotions over long periods of time causes stress on the mind and body and eventually becomes too much for a person to handle.  One has to open their heart and feel their emotions instead of just pushing them to the back of their mind and not dealing with their emotions.  Other ways to improve emotional health are enjoying nature, managing stress levels, discovering new things, and practicing self discipline.

Here is an interesting way to relieve emotional stress:



WKU Volleyball

If you’re looking for a way to get involved on campus, then joining a sport’s club team could be for you!  A club team provides friends, school involvement and most importantly a way to stay in shape while having fun.  The club teams range from many different sports such as tennis, rugby, lacrosse, paintball, ultimate frisbee and volleyball.  According to U.S. News, students should be involved in their school to discover their passions and strengths, build community, and learn organization and time management skills.

After being involved on the women’s club volleyball team here at WKU, I believe that it is a great way to stay in shape and meet new people.  The team practices three times a week and has tournaments on the weekends many times throughout each semester.  I would suggest for any girl who has an interest in volleyball or any experience and is looking for a way to stay in shape to try club volleyball.

Rachel McDivitt says, “I’ve been on the club team the whole time I’ve been at Western and I’ve become very close with a lot of the girls and love traveling with them out of town on the weekends to play to the sport we love.”

If you are interested in joining a club team or have any questions go to this link!

The New Way to Workout

Instead of going to the gym and doing your usual routine of running on the treadmill then lifting weights or doing the elliptical the whole time, try a new workout program!  Insanity and Pure Barre are two good workout programs that you can do in the comfort of your own home, and these workouts aren’t easy.

Insanity, the program whose name speaks for itself,  focuses on cardio and interval training.  The intense series of cardio circuits can make you burn up to 1,000 calories in one workout video.  This program is great for people who want to do workouts in their home and wants to lose a lot of weight without gaining too much muscle mass.

Pure Barre is a program that can be done through DVDs, or you can go to the class at a location near you. It only takes 55 minutes and focuses on areas like hips, thighs, abdominals and arms.  The program protects your joints by avoiding bouncing or jumping.  Pure Barre’s goal is to tighten and lift everything in your body. According to a Pure Barre user, they said the program means to them working with grace, attention to detail, and pushing your comfort zone.

Depending on the type of workout you’re looking for, either of these programs could be for you! Insanity is a more intense workout.  If you’re trying to take it a step easier then Pure Barre could be for you.

Here’s a video that gives you an idea of what Insanity is like:

Here’s a video that gives you an idea of what Pure Barre is like:

Tips to Stay Stress Free

Almost every college student deals with managing stress.  According to Time, the top reasons for stress in students is paying back loans, the coursework and finding a job after college.  Some deal with stress in beneficial ways while others deal with their stress in negative ways.  Instead of turning to drugs and alcohol, which only relieves stress for a short amount of time and doesn’t actually help the situation, students should turn to other methods of relieving stress.

Organization is a major way of reducing stress.  Writing down assignments, appointments and schedules in an agenda is one way to organize and plan out your day.  Highlighting important events in a planner is also a good way to keep schedules organized.

Another way of reducing stress is taking fewer naps.  Students should treat each school day as a 9 a.m. -4 p.m. job and not stop working until their time is done.  If students get all their work done between the allotted time they won’t need late night cramming for a test and can go to bed at a decent time so they won’t need a nap.

The ability to say “no” is also a way to minimize stress. Choosing to study for an upcoming test instead of going out with some friends will help you be more organized and realize your priorities.  School should always come first before a social event, since earning a degree is the reason why you go to college.

These are just a few among many tips that can help college students control their stress.  Stress is an unavoidable part of life, but how you deal with it can really make a difference in your life.

Below is a video with more tips to help college students deal with stress during midterms and finals!


Looking for a new way to workout while also having fun? Try Zumba!

Zumba is one among many of the classes offered at the Preston Center.  An instructor stands at the front of the room and leads the class by showing them the dance moves that go along with the selection of music.  You don’t even have to be a good dancer to attend this class!  It’s filled with fun and simple dance moves that are easy to follow along with.  The instructors also go at a pace where beginners or regular attendees can keep up.

During a Zumba class, participants usually burn anywhere between 400-600 calories.  Regular attender of Zumba Andi Nichol said, “Zumba is a different way to workout.  You usually don’t associate fun and working out together but Zumba is the perfect place for that.” Zumba is offered four times throughout the week so there’s no excuse to not go!